My Asean 2017 Journal: How to keep abreast with ASEAN 2017

The Philippines is hosting ASEAN this year and it is also the 50th anniversary of ASEAN. To learn of what ASEAN means to us: How it will affect our lives be updated on what is happening the whole year.

Here are some useful links:

Learn more about ASEAN 2017 and be updated with the events for the whole year go to and follow these links –

Website of ASEAN 2017 – Partnering for Change, Engaging the World – link

Twitter Account of ASEAN 2017 (@ASEAN2017) — Link

Facebook Page of ASEAN 2017 — Link

Also follow the hashtag #ASEAN2017

Also follow the Presidential Communications (Government of the Philippines) since they cover all the events of ASEAN real time — Link

And here is an AVP about ASEAN

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