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A Single Man: The Book and the Movie

It is hard not to be interested in both the Christopher Isherwood’s A SINGLE MAN and the film adaptation. As circumstances would have it I first encountered the film. Being the first film by Tom Ford, It is promising. Ford’s … Continue reading

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Five Reasons Why We Post What We Post

One of the films we watched this summer for Science Technology and Society (STS) was a documentary from the BBC Mammals: The Social Climbers. It is the second to the last film before the finale and it is interesting. The … Continue reading

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The 2014 ReadysasterHack: Hack for Resilience

Hack. Hack. Hack. It is amazing how a word can mean several things. For example a friend once told me that cute meant someone was cross-eyed and bow-legged and innocent was a round-about way for describing a simpleton or a … Continue reading

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