Manila Bay: Last Full Show

Nemesis -The avenger crime and hubris

Manila Yacht Club, January 5, 2013 – Inside a roomful of people, media and concerned citizens, the press conference to Save Manila Bay was on going. Speakers talked about different reason why the reclamation project of Manila Bay should not push through. Historical, ecological, economical, political, and resource management reasons were given against the reclamation project.

All of them very valid reasons.

Standing and listening to the different resource persons speak. One could observe an earnest fervor in their voice. A concern much validated it seems by man-made and natural disasters that have peppered human and natural history. Did we not get a preview of it every time a typhoon visits the Philippine or when seismic movement cross the land.

I am sure proponents of the reclamation project, and others similar to it. Will voice their case as well. Maybe even look as strong as those opposing. But what is the reason for the reclamation?

Progress? Business? Money?

Whatever position one has on the issue. One has to weigh in what has happened before; What plans were made; What opportunities were missed; What problems we have caused; What disasters we have endured; What have we learned from the past; What we want for the future.

Before you decide take a look at the Manila Bay. It could be any beach front in any town, in the world. Take a long look. If this were a film it could be the Last Full Show.

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