The Internet is not just a medium


We come across two people insidea coffee shop. They are reading thesame artilcleabout newly discovered fish species in Lake Tangayika. One is reading the magazine article, while the other is reading it on- line. It would seem that both are readinghe smae article ,but on different mediums – the printed page and the digital page. But it does not stop there for one.

The one reading the srticle oould decide to do a number of things. The person could comment on the article. The person could share the article with others on Twitter and Facebook.the person could also be moved to. create blog posts, podcasts, infograhpics and Videocasts … or even images And if it proves to be popular it might just be passed on – through out social media: the social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Blogs and the rest.

The Internet is not just a medium. It is more than that. The Internet in effect makes it users adapt to new ways; it makes its user work through different interfaces.platforms; it enables its users to connect to each other; and it maes its users participate.

The internet is behaving more and more like a world: an ecosystem. And as such its dynamics can be best explained through population dynamics, sociology, psychology, history, economics, politics, and of course ecology. And that is why an Internet Meme and spread of things in social networks is similar to the spread of a disease – connection and contagion. It was not named viral for nothing.

Failure to understand can lead to misunderstanding and potentially disastrous consequences.

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