The Original Sin of Corona

Or why we need the FOI and we need to use it.

As I read the news items about The Impeachment of Chief Justice there was this article from Al-Jazeera – Philippine judge testifies at own graft trial and it described perfectly the perception of those seeking to impeach the Chief Juscfice as the magistrate that protected former president Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. And this brings us to the original sin of the Chief Justice being a midnight appointee of the highest judiciary position of the Philippines. Being an appointee of Gloria Macapagal Arroyo further sullying the matter. And the stand-off between the Executive and Judiciary regarding the Hold Departure Order a few months before providing the catalyst that speedened up the impeachment process.

The question of failure to declare items in the SALN and other charges a means to an end. Similar to getting Al Capone in jail for tax evasion. It is a means to an end.

Of course all those who witnessed the 40th day of the Impeachment were treated to what seemed to be,for the moment the Swan Song of the Chief Justice (which included valid and very invalid points, capped with walk-out that seemed viewed from very jaded eyes adapted from a Hollywood film. Furthermore, If one were to put on a propagandist hat the Swan Song would have been more effective that instead of leaving, a faint would have been more powerful. But to be fair to the Chief Justice at this point i would give the CJ that his blood sugar dropped to a very dangerous level.

So where do we stand now ?

The Chief Justice in the Intensive Care Unit who will be impeached unless something dramatic happens. Again the drama. And a Congress bogged down scuppering important and earmarked priority bills by the President. Priority bills like the Freedom of Information Act/Bill and the Reproductive Health Bill – this is the real tragedy here.

In the future will there be more Arroyo appointees to be impeached? Certainly. It is part of the de-Arroyofication of Government. Let us hope that it will not be as costly and time consuming as this one, otherwise the Aquino will be forever be pre-occupied with this until the elections.

Hopefully one good thing will come out of the Corona Impeachment and its not the Corona Impeachment but the Freedom of Information Act/Bill.

The country, the people, we need it. But we need to use it. Not to use it would be greater tragedy. Because if we do not we will be forever sentenced like Sisyphus. Now King Sisyphus was a King from Ancient Greece who tricked and cheated the Gods into not letting him die and go to the underworld – in one instance he tricked death or Thanatos into chaining himself to a rock thereby preventing everyone from dying and making Ares the God of War angry because no one was dying in battle. Sisyphus was eventually caught and his punishment was to push a huge boulder uphill only to see it roll down and then again to push it up only to see it roll down again for eternity.

Do we need to be trapped in Sisyphus’ punishment as well?

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