Anuran Soup

The two scienists sat facing each other. Each viewing a holotab and reading the reports and data that have come in from the field reports. Singh was the older of the two. Although Delgado was the younger one and the head of the team. As procedure their talk was recorded and archived by the auto-diktat. This was a devised invented by Seligmann from New Washington and in the next year became the lynchpin technology of the Nixon Law.

Singh-Delgado Transcript 701
Subject: Project Khan

Singh: The data gathered by the black and white team from Sector 7 has come in and the results are nearly the same as with that of Sector 5.

Delgado: You mean the exploitation occured recently but had negative geometric impact on the environment?

Singh: Triangulating the scientific and archival data. This area was relatively young but was also energy gluttons. It was an area of high industrial activity and unfortunately it was also an area of high seismic activity.

Delgado: Nuclear disasters ?

Singh: Well temblors; earthquakes; floods; lahar; tsunamis and natural disasrer were just the tip of the problems. The leak itself and waste management were handled poorly that the environment and inhabitants began to suffer. Years after the disasters occured related-fatalities occured and environmental displacement of keytone species had its effects

DELGADO: Aquaculture became the main source of protein?

SINGH: And land invertebrates … Astonishingly, there were also found a number artifacts about efforts to be green. Ironically, a number of them were non-biodegradable,

DELGADO: Lip-service?

SINGH: It seems to be similar to an older culturen in Sector 3. They sacrificed almost everything – mineral, vegtable, animal and man: themselves – to guarantee a good harvest and good fortune. When the solution was more simpler.

DELGADO: So did the end did not come in as one fatal strike?

SINGH: Of course not. Do you know the story of the best way to cook wild anurans ? You have to place them in a pot of cold water and slowl heat it up. This way the anuransn would be cooked before they knew it. But of course these were not anurans but humans. Of course hubris or pride a hamartia – a fatal character flaw – was and still is as effective as cold water and a pot.

DELGADO: So when can this area be safe?

SINGH: Ironically, take away the prime source of the problem the land, the country, the district will recover. It will take probably two more centuries but it will get there your descendants will probably see it restored, not as it once was but it will recover.

DELGADO: All in good time.

SINGH: Yes, all in good time.


As the two scientists proceeded with the next set of reports. The lights turned green. A signal that the solar sails were set and the spacestation the Rachel Carson was about to depart the blue planet and its moon.

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