A Smart TV called Joe

Last night, Samsung unveiled its 2012 Premium Electronic Consumer Products, its Smart TV and Home Entertainment System. The unveiling of Smart TV reminded me of another launch of a television a few years ago. Then the organizers announced this would be the new convergence of television and computer. After that nothing was heard of from the group.

As the years passed Smart TV made its presence felt. Coming home from the launch of Samsung’s 2012 Smart TV series – LED ES8000, the LED ES7500 and the Plasma ES 8000 – one realizes that the computer tv is a reality. Why ?

The latest Samsung TV exhibit characteristics of a computer:

First, One can surf the web and get content – data, information and knowledge.

Second, Premium features available in most computing devices can be accessed like voice, motion and face activation and commands.

Third, It -the Smart TV can be upgraded by installing modules. Something familiary and similarly done in computers when they are being upgraded.

So does this herald the TV-Computer. Something that will replace both TV and computer in the household?

Perhaps … But then again this depend on the price tag of the Computer TV or as an old Science Fiction story by Murray Leinster titled, A Logic Called Joe, called them a Logic. Will there be a Logic in each household ? Again it depends on the price. And the fact that these features and services are Premium will mean its going o cost an arm and a leg. Perhaps even more.

Or will the Smart Phone beat it? Then again a Smart Phone seems to be more similar to the Tricorder, an ubiquitous device in the Star Trek Universe.

Oh well… Maybe in the near future when the features and apps become more common and less premium can we see more people having Logics.

And by the way, In the story “A Logic Named Joe”, which was written in the 1940s, Logics became so much accepted and common that when a specific Logic began to malfunction it began to create a ruckus around the world. And all because of a Logic named Joe.

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