I do not know the Future

Dear Friends,

Nostradamus looked at the future by looking at an open sieve of water and writing quatrains. The Oracle at Delphi spoke like the Sphinx when giving her answers. It was never a straight answer. Even modern day fortune tellers, soothsayers, qnd analysts can at best offer a guess – educated or otherwise. Perhaps it is best that things are best left vague. The future is best described as an Undiscovered Country.

So we end the year and begin a new one. We laughed. We cried. We worked We fought. We loved. We are with family We started with. We are with family we ended ip with. And we are with family we picked up along the way.

There were arrivals and departures in our lives. People who will forever be part of us. People who have tamed us, people who step into our lives and make us feel better and for lack of a better description make the world a better place to live in. Departures are a sad thing. Yet … Every farewell and each Good Bye is a potential Hello and Nice to Meet you again. There is a saying that goes May the Lord Keep and Protect you till we meet again. I think each Good Bye and Farewell keeps this message, we do not just see it ofte,

I do not know the future that much is true. But we do have a hand in crafting it.

All I offer is Hope and Faith.

Hope that we talk rather than talk to others about it.
Hope that we give any man … Any person his due.
Hope, not expectation, that all of us do good.
Hope that despite the bad things that happen that we will overcome.
Hope that we learn.
Hope that we forgive.
Hope that we live.
And because and despite of everything that has and will happen Lets Keep the Faith

Peace and good will,


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