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“The Spice must flow”, said Reverend Gaius Helen Mohiam. This was a line often repeated in the Dune mini-series produced by the ScoFi channel. This was of course based on the book written by Frank Herbert – Dune. Spice or melange was the most precious substance in the Dune universe. Without it the Navigators would not be able to fold thru space and make the freighthers travel. Bereft of spice the Bene Gesserit would lose their ability to see in the future and other powers, eventually weakening the inter-galactic society of Dune. It was all important.

The Spice must flow.

Last Night, I was watching a ahow about the technological marvels of our time. Everything now seems faster and easier to reach. We can talk with people despite the great distance between us. We can set up newapapers and tv stations on the virtual world. If you have the means everything seems to be at the tip of your fingertips.

Nothing comes close to the this than the smart phone. You can almost anything on-line with it. As long as your battery lasts. It is not like a swiss army knife nor a book. After both are made both can be use – powered by human hands and making use of available light.The SmartPhone whoch is basically more powerful than other phones is eats up power. For a certain Smart phone once you start using the different features – all the bells and whistles at full throttle, you use up the power in less than six hours. And that is why portable power charges are very much in fashion, well more exactly in use.

Are we that Smart Phone?

As a human society are we using up the energy we have as if there is no tomorrow? Are we too dependent on fuel to power our needs? Was Frank Herbert correct as some people say that the melange or spice in Arrakis the planet called Dune a metaphor for oil?

Arrakis or Dune is a desert planet. It is the only place where the precious spice can be found. In the Dune Novels Dune is slowly terraformed and in the process the source of melange – the spice worms – are driven to extinction.

Will the present human civilization whimper to extinction as oil and other natural resources become depleted? Or will a conflict in the oil rich countries speeden things up and plunged humanity in another and literally a Dark Age. Will the great cities of the world be abandoned and left to its own devices. Eventually, being swallowed by a forest – Nature claiming back its land like it did in Angkor Wat and cities of the Incas.

Will the end of the world be just the end of human civilization?

How will the Philippines fare without petroleum? Will we be ready for it when the time comes?

Are we prepared for a world without Petroleum and other natural resources?

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