Five Things Before the Year Ends and OhMyTxt

A Phoenix before it dies sings a song just before it sets itself aflame. And from its ashes burst forth a new fledgling Phoenix. Similar to year and a better representation of the year than …. the birth of Athena from the forehead of Zeus when he had headache. So much for Athena and the Phoenix.

What are the five things that comes to your mind as the year ends? As Father Time nears the end of the dooor called 2010 what do you think about? Name at least five things; five set of words: five sentences that makes you think just before the last rays of the Sun sets down in 2010.

One, the social media is for sharing with friends and loved ones:

I love Social Media: I heart Social Media. First, It gives us a way to talk with friends and family even if they maybe in Gnome. Alaska and I may be im Sabtang, Batanes. Second, It allows us to share sound, pictures ad video.

But there are things that annoy and irritate as well on Social Media Sites. Like the un-talented Salesmen who has to tag you in all the photos of the product or services. And the marketing people who abuse the “Like” feature is a great dislike.

Overall, Though the positive so far outweigh the positive. And at the end of the day you may Hide, Unfollow, Report and even Block un-talented salesmen and annoying marketers.



New Year’s Eve is just around the corner and aside from firecrackers. round fruits and jumping at midnight the night there willa flood of goowill expressed via SMS or text. Some Telco even suspended their unlimted plan. But fret not there is a new service in town – its in beta – but go ahead try it – here.

It was describe as cloud texting. The beauty of this service is that:

It allows you to send a group message to fifty contacts.
The message they receive will identify you as the sender.
All sms messages are archived

For now as you add contacts you get extra credits. Your contact will be notified that you added them to the list so be sure to use your name .. they might just block someone named Hot Mama. How I wish they could or would provide a way to add contacts in one bulk en mass.

For now the service is limited to Globe Cellphones but the service will soon expand to other carriers.

Aside from personal use the service has definitely commercial or even national disaster applications. But for now check it out and test it for the New Year Greeting.

Two, A cellphone at its most basic is a Cellphone:

We have seen the rise in popularity of the smart phones. It could and well be the solution to bridging the digital gap in the Philippines. They are not cheap by any means only the upper class and middle class could afford to buy them at once through cash, card or by tying oneself to ta plan with the local telco. But competition among the cellphone makers are intense – the campaign to win the hearts and wallets of the local moneyed class is intense. This is why you see campaigns on print, television, radio and on the Internet. Hopefully ad in the fullness time or when the mango fruit ripens prices will go down allowing more people the chance to own a smart phone.

They only have to make sure the batteries last longer than they do now or you would be stuck with smart phones hyperventilating before lunch time. Smart phones are practical for Mobile Internet and Cloud Computing. And perhaps that is why there is still need for the normal cellphone – the one you use for calling and texting. One cellphone manufacturer executive said the normal cellphones are still their hottest selling item. Plus most of them have flashlights a plus.

At least when the Smart Phone goes kaput the cellphone is still there.

Three, E books and Books are for Reading:

I like reading. No. I love reading. When you read you learn and oftentimes you get entertained as well. And any medium written is most welcome. And having said that I still feel there is still a place for the book in the world. You can take it almost anywhere and read it. It does not crash nor suffer except from fire, water, silverfish and for some a gradual burn as time passes. You drop it, it does not go blank.

And then there are places for e books. They are easy to carry around and in certain cases can be given (for free) to a friend.

Its a little bit funny though that most e-book readers seem to emulate a real book by announcing among its feature certain qualities only a book would have – like flipping and almost paper like quality of a page.

I will take both if you do not mind.

Four, Between a refrigerator and a multimedia player which has more value?

For Christmas 2010, I was on the hunt for a suitable refrigerator for the house. Something that was energy efficient. Something practical. I found it at the top of SM Cubao. A Samsung Refrigerator the one with the water dispenser. And as I was paying the cashier there was a stand that had a multimedia player on display and for sale for nearly the same price as the ref. The first would enable one to store food and provide ice and cold water a luxury in the tropical climate of the Philippines – during the American Colonial Period we imported ice from the United States and Canada. While the multimedia player a marvel of miniaturization was … well small and expensive.

I know, I know they both have different uses… but at that juncture the disparity in size and function was an interesting contrast. One is an entertainment device while the other is something practical.

Five, Digital is good but it does not beat an eyeball.

As much as i loved the way email lets me say things to friends and loved ones. As mush as I love the way Internet technoloy and cloud applications have bridged the gap of distance between person to person, group to group and country to country I stll feel nothing beats talking face face. Ir cemments the digital connection and further strengthen the old ones.

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