The Tale of Two Posts: Andanar and the Senate Press Corps

Today this particular news piqued my interest. This is actually an off-shoot of presscon of retired cop who admitted he killed upon the orders of then Mayor Duterte. This was a dramatic reversal because months before and during a senate hearing the same retired cop rebutted then the claims of a self-avowed Davao Death Squad killer.

The controversy came about after Martin Andanar, Communication Secretary was interviewed on CNN. While waiting for interview to be aired again it would be worthwhile to look at both sides. Specially now with the following: (i) coming of Feb 24 and 25 — Anniversary of the Edsa Revolt; (ii) The filing of cases against Sen De Lima; and among other things the new — albeit reversed — witness against the President. A rich soil for intrigue and naughty thinking.

Going back to the topic, On one hand you had the members of the press from the senate airing a statement and Secretary Andanar posting his and a transcript of the interview. Read the two statements first and assess what happened and observe.

But before you read further a disclosure. At present I am a senior media consultant for the PCOO which is under Secretary Anadanr. I do not seek to influence you one way or the other but I am just providing a venue where you can see both statements as they were posted.

Here are the two statements and post

Statement from the Philippine Senate Press Corps. I got this from Facebook.

We, broadcast, online, and print journalists covering the Senate strongly protest the unsubstantiated and irresponsible claims made by Press Secretary Martin Andanar that reporters were given as much as $1,000 each to cover the press conference of alleged former Davao Death Squad leader Arthur Lascañas this morning.

To our knowledge, no such incident occurred. Such practice is not tolerated among Senate reporters.

We would like to ask the Secretary to prove his allegations as such statements placed our credibility and our respective media entities under a cloud of doubt.

Otherwise, we demand a public apology from Secretary Andanar for spreading “fake news”, truly unbecoming of someone who, just a few months ago, came from the media industry.

Statement of Communication Secretary Martin Andanar posted on FB

This post is in reaction to the Senate Reporters’ statement against this person. Please share.
20 February 2017 Statement of Sec. Martin Andanar on Lascanas

I am making available to our friends in the media a copy of the transcript of my interview by CNN this Monday morning (Feb. 20).

I believe the transcript will bear out the fact that while a monetary offer may have been made to attract coverage of the concerned press conference at the Senate, no member of our working press was alluded to as a recipient.

As a long-time broadcast journalist myself, I hold our former colleagues in the media in the highest esteem as we forge forward in our commitment to serve the public through the dissemination of factual information.###

Below is the transcript:

Radio-TV Monitor 20/02/2017 Monday CNN Philippines /PCO The Source (1:00pm) Pinky Webb (1:00pm) Interview with PCO Secretary Martin Andanar

Webb: Alamin naman natin kung ano naman ang masasabi ng Malakanyang sa bagong paratang laban kay Pangulong Duterte, nasa linya ng telepono si Communications Secretary Martin

Andanar. Secretary Andanar, magandang tanghali po sa inyo.

Andanar: Hello Pinky, magandang tanghali.

Webb: Ano po ang inyong reaksyon dito sa sinabi ni SPO3 Lascanas?
Andanar: I would like to read to you our crafted message, if you don’t mind…

Webb: Go ahead sir.

Andanar: The demolition job against President Duterte continues. The press conference of self-confessed hitman SPO3 Arthur Lascanas is part of a protracted political drama aimed to destroy the President and to topple his administration. Our people are aware that this character assassination is nothing but vicious politics orchestrated by sectors affected by the reforms initiated by the Duterte administration. The Commission on Human Rights, the Office of the Ombudsman, the Senate Committee on Justice already cleared the President of extrajudicial killing and his involvement in the Davao Death Squad. Bringing change is not an easy task. The Duterte administration has disturbed/disrupted the establishment. However, we remain undistracted in delivering goods and services to serve the people, not just the interest of the few.

Webb: Can I ask you a question now?

Andanar: Yes, go ahead ma’am.

Webb: Secretary, tinatawag niyo po itong demolition job, political job on character assassination, may plano po ba ang Malakanyang or yung Office of the President kay SPO3 Arthur Lascanas dahil sa kanyang mga sinabi?

Andanar: Well, si SPO3 Lascanas ay kakatapos lang po ng kanyang presscon kani-kanina lamang and ang gobyerno, ang administrasyong Duterte sa pangunguna din po ng ating Secretary Aguirre ay sasagot din po in a matter of time. Hintayin na lang po natin, but what I said earlier is that… alam niyo, lahat po ng time na ito, yung ingay sa social media about the diumano’y yaman ng ating Pangulo, tapos ito ngayon, itong Davao Death Squad, puro rehash kasi ito Pinky, at sa amin, para sa akin din, ito ay in preparation for that march, for the protest rally that they are planning this coming February 25. Kaya ito po ay kasama na rin po sa plano, at mayroon din po tayong mga natanggap na mga report, Pinky, na as much as 1,000 dollars ang ipinamigay dito sa presscon na ito, hindi ko na lang po papangalanan yung aking source, pero mayroon daw pinagbibigyan ng ganito kalaking halaga ng pera para lamang i-cover ito.

Webb: Secretary, one thousand dollars, yung umiikot na one thousand dollars, kanino? Kay SPO3 Lascanas… kanino napunta yung pera?

Andanar: Pinagbibigyan daw yung mga reporter doon sa kung saan nangyari, may mga nag-offer daw, hindi ko lang alam kung tinanggap, pero mayroong nagsumbong sa akin na ganoon.
Webb: Ok, para malinaw lang po, Secretary, that umikot ang one thousand dollars para ibigay sa mga reporters na nagko-cover po diyan sa Senado, tama po ba ang aming pagka-intindi sir?

Andanar: Yun ang umiikot na istorya, pero hindi naman sinabi na tinanggap. Pero ang sinabi mayroong mga offer na ganoon kalaking pera ang oposisyon para lamang pabagsakin itong administrasyong ito at para ipakalat itong istorya ni SPO3…

Webb: Lascanas?

Andanar: Opo.

Webb: Opo. So yung one thousand dollars, sabi niyo po nanggaling sa oposisyon?

Andanar: Nanggaling ito kung sinuman ang nagsimula, alam mo mahirap din sabihin kung kanino nanggaling, kung sasabihin natin kay… sa taong ito, mahirap magbigay ng ano, pero kung sino man ang naninira sa ating Pangulo, ay those who are opposing this administration na nangunguna diyan sa nangyari na nga diyan sa may presscon na iyan, yung balita kumakalat na itong one thousand dollars, ino-offer diumano sa mga reporter.

Webb: Para po i-cover, parang ganoon po?

Andanar: Parang ganoon na rin, ganoon ang lumalabas sa report.

Webb: Alright. Let me ask, categorically, sir, are you saying that the one thousand dollars is coming from Senator Antonio Trillanes?

Andanar: I cannot categorically say na galing Senator Trillanes, basta ang sabi lang po ng aking source diyan sa Senado na mayroong pera na ganoon na umiikot. Pero I would like to categorically say also na hindi naman sinabi kung tinanggap yung pera na yun.

Webb: Ok po. Secretary Martin Andanar, maraming salamat po sa inyong oras and sa pagpapaunlak sa aming tawag.

Andanar: Maraming salamat po, mabuhay po kayo.###

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#ALLMEDIAPH: Forum on PH Social Media and the Policy on Social Media

Netizens and social media scholars should find this interesting. In summary here are the specifics.Diacloure — I am currecntly a senior media consultant of the event’s host PCOO.

Here are the specific details of the event

What: #ALLMEDIAPH – Summit on PH Social Media and unveiling of the draft social media policy of the governmenr.
When: 23 February 2017, Thursday
Where: Bahay ng Alumni, University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City.
Host: Presidential Communications Operations and Office, PCOO.

I hope the event is covered on all media platforms so that those interested cam follow the discussion. On twitter using the hashtaf #allmediaph ?

Here is the full press release:

From Presidential Communications Operations Office


The Presidential Communications Operations Office (PCOO) will be holding a milestone gathering of the country’s influential media, communications, and public relations personalities on Thursday, February 23, at the Bahay ng Alumni, University of the Philippines – Diliman in Quezon City.

The PCOO-initiated event, dubbed #AllMediaPH, aims to acknowledge the power of social media and present the draft Social Media Policy before various interest groups and industry stakeholders, which include the academe, students, bloggers, mainstream media, and those in the legal profession.

Presidential Communications Secretary Martin Andanar, who will deliver the keynote address, is receptive to the idea of allowing social media practitioners, i.e., bloggers, to cover the Palace’s activities.

President Rodrigo Roa Duterte earlier granted the request of some bloggers and social media supporters to cover Palace events during their meeting with the Chief Executive in Malacanan.

Andanar acknowledged the role these bloggers played in disseminating information to the public.

“The bloggers come in because there is an evolution of the media and the bloggers always tell me about Article III, Section 4 of the Constitution,” Secretary Andanar said, referring to the Bill of Rights on the freedom of speech and of expression.

This same Article, the PCO Chief said, has become his basis to consider giving bloggers media accreditation to cover the Palace’s events.

Social media platforms have given their users similar power of spreading information and forming public opinion, making it imperative for the government to consider social media and its platforms, alongside traditional media channels, in developing its communications strategy and communicating directly with the people.

Nonetheless, Andanar, being a former media personality, is aware of the difference between the mainstream media and the bloggers. “I’m from the media. We are accountable to our editors, accountable to our bosses, and that’s the difference. And also the discipline,” he said.

Andanar also underscored the fact that since bloggers work independently, they have different sets of standards.

“We’re in interesting times wherein we are seeing bloggers with names become bigger than anyone… It’s a phenomenon that we have to embrace, at the same time we also have to control,” he said, pointing out that social media is a new way of disseminating information.

Hence, it is important, the PCO Chief said, that bloggers must have a personality, not anonymous, so that they can be held accountable if they write something libelous.

Andanar is looking forward to talk and consult with resource persons and representatives of various sectors during the event in a bid to come up with a social media framework that is acceptable to all concerned.

Some of the event’s important highlights include the presentation of draft Social Media Policy, knowing the stand and opinions of resource persons, and a plenary discussion. #ALLMEDIAPH

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DU30 Log: The President’s speech at the PMA

This will be probably remembered as the event where the President walked instead of riding a white carabao provided for him. A wise decision. If that happened it would look ridiculous and would probably become an object of ridixule,

Here is the President s


BAGUIO CITY – President Rodrigo Duterte said Saturday that his administration continues to work to uplift the living conditions of Filipinos as he promised to uphold the common good.

In a speech during the Philippine Military Academy (PMA) Alumni Homecoming 2017 here in Fort Del Pilar, the President said as an immigrant from Visayas to Mindanao, he and his family hoped for a better life in the so-called ‘Land of Promise.’

But now, it is threatened by climate change caused by man-made disasters like extractive industries, he lamented.

“The rest of the nation is threatened by the widening gap between the rich and the poor, crime, corruption, criminality, and illegal drugs,” Duterte said.

“Government must now deliver goods and services to really serve the people, not just the interest of the few. In the past, our government was on the verge of failure because those who were in the position to help deliberately made wrong decisions which favored only themselves,” he added.

As part of his commitment during his first State of the Nation Address, he said his administration is working to ensure that basic human services are available to all, that there is food and medicine, water and sanitation, shelter, public safety, education, and economic opportunities.

The President vowed to always uphold the sanctity of the common good as the highest goal that always benefits the next generation of Filipinos.

Attaining peace and order is paramount, he said, noting if there is peace and order, businesses and everything else will follow like Davao City where he was mayor for more than 20 years.

Duterte said what happened in Davao City can happen nationwide with the support of the public especially the military, who can help provide the protection of communities. There are major threats confronting the nation today, one is illegal drugs and the other is Islamic extremism, he said.

The President noted that the PMA, with the support of the AFP, was given instruction to wage war against illegal drugs which has already made significant inroads.

In the government’s fight against terrorism, the President said Isnilon Hapilon, the overall leader of the ISIS in the Philippines, has been severely wounded in an encounter with the military. To secure Mindanao, Duterte said he has directed the AFP and PNP to continuously contain the ISIS threat by intensifying operations against them.

Meanwhile, he said righteousness and discipline are the foundation of a nation, adding he desires a Philippines that is prosperous and inhabited by peaceful, law-abiding citizens.

“That is why I appreciate the PMA. You have the template of discipline and civility. I ask that you continue this tradition and thank you for inviting me to be part of you,” he said.

“Let us together build a nation worthy of the Filipinos; Filipinos worthy of their nation; Pilipinong nararapat sa Pilipinas; Pilipinas na nararapat sa Pilipino; Nasud nga angay sa Pilipino, Pilipinong angay sa Pilipinas.” ###PND

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